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Redefining Operational Excellence

Our Background

Sekura India Management Limited is the portfolio operating and management platform for Edelweiss Alternative Asset Advisors (EAAA).

The objective of this platform is to manage and operate assets under various business
strategies of EAAA. The platform team has a rich experience and provides services across technical operations, commercial & regulatory, HSE, project finance and other corporate functions.

As an operating strategy, Sekura provides services based on an overall principle of “getting it Right up-front, doing it Right thereafter”. This entails:

  • Assisting in due diligence exercise of new projects under evaluation by the funds under EAAA.
  • Improving the operational efficiency of assets by ensuring implementation of technology driven predictive and proactive maintenance program by the vendors.
  • Regular monitoring of assets through Sekura Control and Analytic Centre at the head
  • Assisting in optimising the capital structure and superior financing terms for projects.
  • Pursuing commercial improvements through better receivables management, etc.
  • Implementation of best in class proprietary SOPs and processes for asset operations.


Creating value for
stakeholders by re-defining
asset management


  • Manage quality assets in India as per industry best practises
  • Pursue growth opportunities
  • Follow a bifocal approach – Focus on the long-term while targeting achievement of near-term goals
  • Use technology for efficient asset management
  • Continuously innovate


  • We will conduct our business with integrity, highest standards of governance and operating standards
  • We will ensure prudent risk assessment
  • We will ensure compliance to laws and regulations
  • We will follow best practices on Health, safety and environment
  • We will foster a culture of trust and respect

Leadership – Infrastructure

Vijayanand Semletty

Vijayanand Semletty

Managing Director - Energy Portfolio
Manish Chitkara

Manish Chitkara

Managing Director - Highways Portfolio