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Driving Economic Growth


Infrastructure is a key driver for the Indian economy and identification and assessment of the asset quality is extremely important for making investments in this space. This requires building a strong on-ground operational capability in the form of ‘PPT- People, Process and Technology’. Which means building experienced operating team, backed by strong processes, and supported by use of technology across life cycle. In-house capability provides consistency, better accountability and improved efficiencies.

Sekura has built the strong on-ground presence with an operating team having unique capabilities for:

  • Assessing quality of assets through right diligence processes at acquisition stage aiding the investment decisions at funds under EAAA;
  • On-ground presence of highly experienced and qualified team to guide and supervise the site level operating teams; 
  • Use of best industry processes and its international validation;
  • Using technology and automation to build efficiency and improve returns for the stakeholders. This helps in improving the performance and quality of the assets significantly.


Vijayanand Semletty

Vijayanand Semletty

Managing Director - Energy Portfolio
Manish Chitkara

Manish Chitkara

Managing Director - Highways Portfolio

Our Portfolio


  • ~855 ckt. km
  • 2 Sub-Stations
  • 813 MWp Solar Capacity
  • 7 States
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  • ~119 Lane km
  • 8 Major Bridges
  • 12 Minor Bridges
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